February Business Meeting

On Tuesday the 11th of February during the Rotary business meeting, Penny showed a few photos to the meeting to update members.

  1. The Sahara Challenge to which Rotary contributed by advertising a Rotary wheel on the bonnet of competitor Jinson Lima’s car. The event raised funds for the purchase of a big screen for Club House. Pictures detailed the car and the screen purchased.
  2. A previous donation to Nazareth House required items to be purchased. Pictures detailed President Marian presenting a liquidizer and on a further occasion, Morrisons food vouchers.
  3. The final picture was of the Rotary stall at Ocean Village Sunday market on the 9th of February. Barbara Sellors, in the picture, and Penny ran a book stall but also sold spaces for the next car boot sale. A fruitful morning in many respects but most importantly Rotary members making contact with the public.

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