Charity Sweepstake

Our Charity Sweepstake event for the Aintree Grand National 2019 was held on the 6th April at the Rendezvous Chargrill at Queensway Quay. A big thank you to all the staff who kept the cava free flowing and presented a sumptuous buffet lunch, then later a scrumptious afternoon tea. (jpeg2511)
Rotarian Jane Hart Simmons and her team put together a most enjoyable afternoon event which raised funds for Cancer Relief (Gibraltar) and the Gibraltar Parkinson’s Group. A non-Rotarian Jenny gave her valuable professional consultancy and our Interact girls worked very hard to make the event a great success. (jpegs 2050-2509-2508)
The live stream races gave an authentic air to the proceedings as our guests cheered the horses on also the beautiful outfits of some of our lady guests.

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