Change of President Night

In the beautiful setting of the Rock Hotel pool area we welcomed in our new President Adrian Tavares with outgoing President Martin Hale handing over the chain of office in the company of Club members, friends and visitors from other clubs. A splendid evening was had by all. We wish Adrian all the best for a good year and all members pledge to assist him in what promises to be an exciting year! Good luck, Adrian!

President Adrian’s speech

Good evening fellow Rotarians and welcome guests and friends. Hope that you are all enjoying this evening with so many familiar faces in this spectacular Rock Hotel. Let me inform you that we are celebrating our 51st handover Gala since the rotary club of Gibraltar was inaugurated back in February 1966. We can mention some remarkable names of past presidents as an example of the hard work that has made the club shine since its origin. The late Abraham Serfaty, Sir Joshua Hassan and Solomon Levy are pure examples of excellence for their community in Gibraltar. Hence my position as president is not only prestigious but also encourages me to make my contribution and the clubs contribution to the community as essential for the Rotary Club of Gibraltar’s future.

We have an exciting year ahead of us.   My objective is to continue with the Gibraltar spirit to make it a success not only locally but also internationally now thanks to the revival of the Straits of Gibraltar Club. We are delighted that our relationship with Ceuta and Tangiers has strengthened so much so that this year the Rotary clubs have joined forces and will pool funds annually to develop projects in their respective entities.

There is a scheme in Tangiers to refurbish schools in need. In conjunction we will aim to develop a Nautilus project in Gibraltar, hopefully to pursue an environmentally friendly strategy in line with the Rotary International President 2017/18 in that we have a responsibility in contributing to environmental issues on the Rotary agenda.

Secondly we will carry on with our traditional Fundraising that we will endeavour to pursue as in previous years locally. We are very lucky to have very skilful individual members that contribute an enormous amount of time to our Rotary Club. May I congratulate them for the continuous efforts they give to our Gibraltar community.

Now we have a very challenging year ahead of us in terms of the despicable Brexit and the effects this is going to have on Gibraltar due to its uncertainty. .


“Together we can make a difference” this is a principle mentioned by our past president Jane Hart Simmons. May I thank her for her outstanding support in making tonight a remarkable success.

May I also thank my past presidents Professor Martin Hale and Penny Pilley for their continuous advice and support.

Lastly I would like to thank the Lions Club and the Roundtable for their attendance in coming to my Handover Gala, which I appreciate enormously. If Rotary can help your organisations in this challenging year we will be willing to assist in any way possible.

Finally thanks for all the Rotary members both locally and internationally for coming and the Rock Hotel for always being there as our backbone.

Our job is to make it Rotary’s year to shine. — a Rotary that will continue to grow, to go from strength to strength with the aim of making a difference to our communities, our countries, and our world. That is what we will achieve together next year. “Rotary: Making a difference”

Thank you all for listening and enjoy the rest of the night.


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