Rotary in The Straits Meeting

Saturday 6th May 2017
Straits Club Meeting held in Gibraltar at the Rock Hotel

Chairman William Anidjar Serfaty opened the meeting and welcomed the RC Ceuta representative. Discussion on a suitable project for RC Gibraltar resulted in approval for The Nautilus Project presented by Barbara Sellors. This being a full campaign to educate on the environment in the Straits with an anti-plastic theme. Full details to be presented to RC Gibraltar membership for approval.
The two representatives from RC Doyen Tangiers arrived and Mohamed Ali presented the current Straits project with progress to date. Works to commence on the refurbishment of the 5 schools identified forthwith and to proceed as far as the funds received permit.
Lunch was served in the Rock Hotel dining room where members toasted to the success of the first Straits Club project.

Educational Project concerning Refurbishment of 5 Elementary schools in the rural area of Tangier called HJAR NHAL.
– Establishing or refreshing the electricity network in classes devoid of electricity
– Establish or refresh a drinking water system in the concerned schools
– Establish or refresh the sanitary network such as toilets, washbasins …
– Refresh the waterproofing of the classes having water infiltration.
– Refresh windows and doors with a malfunction
– Refresh the paintings of classes and schools
– Refresh and make available school furniture: tables, chairs, cupboards …