Junior Dog Show 2017

The Rotary Club Junior Dog Show was held in the Piazza on Saturday 13th May 2017 for the second year running. The RGP Dog Handlers Unit with special guest Rafa from Cordoba with his dog Trufa produced an entertaining display of canine skills highlighting the unit’s operational objectives. Entrants of the Junior Dog Show were guided by Judges Elizabeth Gonzalez, Mary Allen and Harry Dick who presented the awards and prizes with Rafa as follows:-
1st – Demi Zarb with Casper
2nd – Emily Feeke with Chanel
3rd – Eleanor Jones with Bailey.
1st – Demi Zarb with Casper
2nd – Owen Zarb with Chelsea
3rd – Eleanor Jones with Bailey
General Handling:-
1st – Kacey Chichon with Teddy
2nd – Owen Zarb with Chelsea
3rd – Preston Feeke with Frankie
4th – Skye with Amber.

Rotary thanks the RGP, the Judges and competitors for their participation, Us for Toys, Vijay’s and Digital Corner who provided prizes for the games and lastly our sponsor Church & Co. Ltd. whose generosity enabled this community event. A special thank you to member Joan Bicknell for her organisation of the event.

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