Awards Evening 2017

Awards Night – 4th April 2017 at The Rock Hotel
At last Tuesday night’s meeting President Martin announced our awards winners for 2017 and congratulated each of them. He gave a brief history of Rotary and an overview of what the organization does globally, followed by some of the projects that the Rotary Club of Gibraltar is involved with not only in Gibraltar, but also supporting clubs and charities in Spain and Morocco.
Awards Presentations
Unsung Hero Award:-

Dennis Santos (citation spoken by his nominator Bianca Daniell)
“Since the early eighties he has used scuba diving as a means to empower children and adults alike, particularly those with social, economic and even learning difficulties. All for the public good! His dedication goes beyond the call of duty of any officer/member. A few of the countless examples and one that stands in my mind is when he paid out of his own savings the Club’s debt to overturn and stabilise the Club’s financial position. He has spent and continues to spend endless hours of his time maintaining the Club’s equipment for the youth and training programmes, particularly supporting those with financial difficulties. He has taught and guided, members locally and continues to teach on a voluntary basis. He has contributed and continues to support charitable events, try dives for the youth clubs, helped the Museum, the Govn, the local mariners, Port, Environment Dept in their marine surveys and research to name a few. I cannot think of a more fitting, devoted and unassuming individual who has whole heartedly given endless hours of his time to the community. He has been instrumental and has been one of the main reasons for the Club’s existence. He is in short the life, soul and pillar of the Club, as well as the face of the Diving fraternity in Gibraltar. His charitable actions are not limited to the dive club but also to the elderly and special needs.”

Extra Mile Award:-

St Bernard’s Day Care Surgery Staff (citation spoken by their nominator Penny Pilley)
“I have had several friends who attended the unit for procedures and have been treated extremely well by the staff at the unit. I am advised the staff are very caring, reassuring and lovely people who go out of their way to make the patients feel as comfortable as possible. From holding their hands during the process, to explaining the strange reactions afterwards and to the endless teas and toasts afterwards. When there have been concerns on leaving the unit the staff have followed up with a telephone call to ensure the patient is doing well. Very seldom does one experience the follow up that this unit provides. I myself on visiting the unit to collect friends have been impressed with the way I was dealt with. Their skill, organisation, and human kindness deserve credit.”

Young Person Award:-

Liam Ballester (citation spoken by his nominator Sarah Wadsworth)
Charlene and I have discussed and we both feel a young man named Liam Ballester, aged 19 would be a great nomination. Liam lives with his Aunt and Grandmother and due to family circumstances Liam opted to take this year out of education to look after his younger sister who relies on him for emotional support. Despite Liam’s experiences he has a very positive outlook and immerses himself in youth projects and drama. He is also a very well-liked person at the club and is always open to supporting charitable causes and others.”
The President and all Club members congratulated the winners and thanked them and their guests for coming to the presentation:
• Dennis, Christine and Gail Santos, Bianca Daniell, the Chairperson of the Gibraltar Sub-Aqua Club and Nicholas Balban, Diving Officer of the Gibraltar Sub-Aqua Club.
• The staff of St Bernard’s Day Surgery Ward, namely Sandie Gracia, Angie Morgan, Pam, Cicy, Jolene, Terry, Aga, Wafa, Fiona, Danny and Fabian.
• Liam Ballester, his grandmother, aunt and sister, and Sarah Wadsworth and her colleague Sonia from the Youth Service.


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