Junior Dog Show

The Rotary Junior Dog Show held in the Piazza on 7th May was a successful community event with the weather holding for what was a fun day for all concerned.
The winners of the competition rounds were as follows:

  1. Mariah Davis with Casper
  2. Ian with Charlie
  3. Milly-Anne Head with Ash


  1. Ellie Navarro with Jazzy
  2. Megan Olivero with Shadow
  3. Leniagh Walker with Ebony


  1. Owen Zarb with Chelsea
  2. Phoebe Garcia with Amber
  3. Sophia Povedano with Rusty

Many thanks go to our judges, led by Liz Gonzalez, who had a really tough job in placing the winners. All the competition entrants and their pets should feel really proud of being such good sports and making our community day a success.
The event was generously sponsored by PAWS who also donated a cheque for £250 to the Animals In Need Foundation, which was gratefully received by Eugenie Cottrell on behalf of the Foundation.
A very special thank you must go to the RGP Dog Handlers Unit who have been a support from the conception of the event all the way through to the actual day where they provided the competition ring, their presence and a superb display. Without their support this event would not have been able to take place.

Individual pictures from the Slide Show can be seen and downloaded by clicking on this link!
Video Blogger Jan kindly provided the link to the video that she made of the event.

    You will be asked to walk into the ring with your dog to heel. You may give your dog up to five commands to obey one of which must be to sit. This round is not about tricks but everyday things that you need to ask your dog to do, i.e. to stay, to leave, to fetch, to lay down, give a paw etc.
    There will be a few low jumps which your dog can go over or under according to his/her size and agility. Cones will be set out in a line and you should walk your dog in and out of these. There will be a low seesaw plank which you will walk your dog onto and then up and over the other side.
    All contestants will walk into and around the ring with their dog to heel. You will be asked to stop and get your dog to sit. At this point you can pet your dog. This round will be judged on how you and your dog are together and whether you are both easy and happy with one another.

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