Clean up Gibraltar Day

Clean Up the World Day – Saturday 20th September 2014

A team of three, Lyana, Sylvia and Penny carried the Rotary flag during the annual Clean up Gibraltar parade whilst other members of the club together with friends and The Gibraltar Youth Service started work on the clean up at Little Bay and surrounding area.

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The parade this year with music and motion from A.I.M and school participation had the added attraction of a small electric car shaped like a bullet.

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Visitors, many from the cruise liner in port, were busy taking photos which added to the holiday atmosphere.
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A couple from the Rotary Club of Leeside in Toronto, Canada joined in the photo session of the Rotary flag team.

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The parade team arrive just in time to take photos of the hot and weary workers at Little Bay after which the Rotarians repaired to the Trafalgar Bar for brunch.
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The event was widely reported in the local media, including the Gibraltar Fire Service!
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