Presidents’ Handover Evening

The Rotary Club of Gibraltar recently held their annual Presidents’ Dinner at the Rock Hotel. Outgoing president Jennifer Stentiford handed over to Lyana Armstrong-Emery for the new year 2013/14. In her farewell address Mrs. Stentiford thanked everyone for their support over the past year, particularly those on the Committee. She also presented two cheques from fund raising events held during the year. One was donated to Dr Alan Lillywhite, Consultant Psychiatrist, GHA on behalf of KGV and the other to Mrs Emily Adamberry Olivero, MBE of Clubhouse Gibraltar.

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The evening was inaugurated by a fanfare played by Band Sergeant, Mark Alcantara, Bugler from the Royal Gibraltar Regiment dressed in full regalia.


The event was well attended, with a number of distinguished guests including the Hon. Dr John Cortes, Minister for Health & Environment and his wife, Valerie; the Reverend Scott Brown QHC, Chaplain of the Fleet; Mr Joseph Palmero, President of the Lions Club of Gibraltar and his wife,Maggie.
Also present was Maria Vazquez from the Rotary Club of San Pedro de Alcantara, Spain and visiting Iceland Clubhouse Director, Ester Eliasdottir.

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In her first address as the new Rotary Club President, Lyana Armstrong-Emery expressed the hope that both the Rotary Club of Gibraltar and the local community will be able to continue working closely together for the benefit of the Rock and its people.


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